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Enigmida / Happy π Day!

Enigmida / Happy π Day!
By Matthew Stein • Issue #8 • View online
Happy π Day! This holiday, founded in 1988 at the San Francisco Exploratorium, is filled with whimsical mathematical learning and, of course, eating pie. Every year, I especially look forward to a new Vihart video.
Now just 2 weeks before Passover, I’m delighted that we’ve already been able to share Escape the Plagues with over 500 teams! Visit to learn more, and share with your friends and communities.
Make sure to read to the end for this week’s puzzle! 🥧

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Puzzle of the Week
Happy 3/14! These images all have something in common. Find something else that follows the pattern, and submit your answer here.
(Bonus points if you post your photo on social media and tag @enigmida!)
Solution to last issue’s puzzle:
Rnpu jbeq eulzrf jvgu bar bs gur 10 cynthrf: Centhr'f -> sebtf, Oenvyyr -> unvy, Qblyr'f -> obvyf, guhq -> oybbq, tarvff -> yvpr. Obahf: va gur rknzcyrf tvira, rnpu jbeq nyfb vf fcryyrq zhpu qvssreragyl guna vgf eulzr. (in ROT13)
Congrats to everyone who submitted a correct answer: Scott Weiss, Yossi, Elliot T, Sean McBride, Tommy H, Maya, Drew, and Tamar.
Cryptically yours,
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