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Enigmida: One Week Until Escape the Plagues!!!

Enigmida: One Week Until Escape the Plagues!!!
By Matthew Stein • Issue #6 • View online
Next Monday, Escape the Plagues will be released to the world!
You may be wondering: so what exactly is this “Escape the Plagues” thing? Who is it for and how does one play? Well, I have some answers for you!
  • The game takes the form of an 18-page PDF, with original illustrations on nearly every page. Everything is designed for grayscale, so it’ll both look pretty and not drain your printers.
  • Recommended team size is 2-6 players, ages 9+. It works solo, though the discussion questions are best with a group.
  • You’ll split up the game’s 6 characters among your team as you read a script-style story about community solidarity.
  • There are 5 puzzles, themed around the actions depicted in each scene. The answer to each puzzle is a relevant phrase, and the final metapuzzle uses the answers to the previous 4 puzzles.
  • The game is all about asking questions, and we provide lots of questions for you to discuss! There’s commentary around the margins of each page, and a full page of debrief questions at the end.
  • You don’t need any previous knowledge of Passover to play, though if you do, it will put a fresh spin on the holiday.
Check out our website and social media, and and share with anyone else who might be interested!

Escape the Plagues: Playtesting
Hamster escape room (CUTENESS OVERLOAD!)
Puzzle of the Week ~ "Alphabet Soup"
My midnight snack turned into a puzzle design session, and I found myself humming the ABCs the entire time. The answer to this puzzle is a two-word phrase. Submit your answer here to be included in the next issue AND for a chance to win a custom puzzle of your choice at the end of the month!
(Psst… check out this Instagram post for a top-down view if you’re having a hard time reading some of the letters.)
Solution to last issue’s puzzle:
Qnfu, Ynen, Znfba, Pyrbcngen, Ihypna, naq Xvg ner nyy anzrf bs cerfvqragvny crgf. Pbaireg rnpu cerfvqrag'f ahzore gb n yrggre (1=N, 2=O, rgp) gb trg gur nafjre: JBZONG. Sha snpg: Pnyiva Pbbyvqtr unq n crg jbzong! (in ROT13)
Congrats to everyone who submitted a correct answer: Dan Katz, Summer H, Yossi Fendel, Sean McBride, and Greg Schechter (plus a few folks over on Instagram)
Cryptically yours,
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