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Enigmida / TANGRAM vol. 2 🔺

Enigmida / TANGRAM vol. 2 🔺
By Matthew Stein • Issue #15 • View online
“Puzzles! Puzzles! Puzzles!”
I sometimes feel like a town crier, shouting profuse puzzle proclamations to any willing passerby.
A few days ago, I took this puzzle profundity over to the No Proscenium podcast, where I shared my perspective on what’s new and hot in the escape room and tabletop puzzle game worlds. Have a listen!
And a sneak peek of a forthcoming project: I’ve been hard at work on a new teambuilding workshop called “Puzzle Party: Wordplay Edition” where you’re guided to write your own mini puzzle hunt! Playtests have been going well, and I’m planning to start running this for teams of up to 30 participants in mid-October. If you’re looking for a fun activity for your work team, please reach out!

You might remember TANGRAM Volume 1, which launched back in January of this year. I designed a multilayered puzzle hunt interwoven throughout feature articles on some uber-talented artists. It’s not too late to snag a copy of this wonder-filled work.
I’m excited to share that Volume 2 kicks things up a notch with even trickier puzzles, deeper rabbit holes, and maybe even some real-world discoveries for the most persistent among you. And of course, the journal is filled with more articles on truly inspirational creators and beautiful full-color illustrations.
Pick up your copy of TANGRAM Volume 2 on Art of Play, and happy puzzling! I’m really proud of what we’ve created, and this is just the beginning…
The RECONundrum Solution
In the last issue, I shared a puzzle I contributed to Bloomberg’s Kominers’s Conundrums column. Congrats and thanks to everyone who solved the puzzle and joined us in the secret channel on the Reality Escape Con Discord a few weeks ago!
The solution to this puzzle is available in the next edition of Kominers’s Conundrums, along with a fun (and free!) puzzle trail from The Escape Game.
Puzzle of the Week
The last name of a particular visual artist is two letters + the name of a one-named singer.
Move the two letters to the end and add a two-letter US state abbreviation between those two parts to get the plural of a fruit.
What’s the fruit? And what’s your favorite work from the artist?
Solution to last issue’s puzzle
Answers to my clues:
  • Flowers and trees do a jig = PLANTS PRANCE
  • Instrument made from a pineapple = FRUIT FLUTE
  • Protection for an inanimate pet = ROCK LOCK
  • Surly Santa = CROSS CLAUS (but as many of you pointed out, I apparently pronounce Claus wrong 🎅)
  • Butterfly pea flower tea, before turning purple = BLUE BREW
Thank you to everyone who submitted their own ambidextrous phrase clues! A few of my favorites included:
  • From Steph: Group of friends who gather to play a murder mystery board game
  • From Dan Katz: Illegally trafficked “food” on the TV show iZombie
  • From Michael Anderson: Pseudocide victims
  • From Drew W.: Flashy word use
  • From Brian Bohmueller: Pigmented ocular bit, upon removal
And congrats to everyone who submitted correct answers: Steph, Debbie, Wassamatta_u, Michael Andersen, Drew W., Jennifer L., Mark Wurzelbacher, Yossi, Brett Kuehner, Jonathan, Will, Aiden Guinnip, Dan Katz, Brian E Bohmueller, and Maude.
Cryptically yours,
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I'm an Oakland, CA-based puzzle and alternate reality game designer. I create experiences that guide participants to connect through play and to find wonder in the mundane.

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