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Enigmida / Your Favorite Social Justice Books?

Enigmida / Your Favorite Social Justice Books?
By Matthew Stein • Issue #5 • View online
Happy Monday! For those of you new to the Enigmida newsletter, welcome to Puzzle-land, where wonder abounds and anything could be a puzzle (but in this particular issue, the only puzzle is the image clearly marked as a puzzle below.)
The countdown toward the launch of Escape the Plagues continues, and we are now exactly TWO WEEKS away from sharing this game with you all! We’ve finished all the puzzle and story content, and we’re now in the process of finalizing the artwork and running playtests of the full game.
If you know any communities, synagogues, or families who might be interested in a modern social justice puzzle game rooted in the Passover story, I’d deeply appreciate if you could share our website or social media with them. Jews and non-Jews alike have been enjoying Escape the Plagues!

Send Us Book Recommendations!
One of the most exciting elements of the Escape the Plagues project has been learning from and incorporating a wide range of voices and resources into the game’s content.
Without saying too much, one of the puzzles involves a bookshelf… on which there are a bunch of books… on which there are a bunch of book titles… And we want your help choosing what books should be included! What social or environmental justice-related book(s) would you like to see featured in Escape the Plagues? Send your recs our way either by responding to this email or filling out this form. Thanks in advance!
Puzzle of the Week
This week’s puzzle is closer to something you’d find in a puzzle hunt. Grab your favorite furry friend and have fun! You can submit the answer here.
Solution to last issue’s puzzle:
N HP fpubby anzr vf uvqqra va rnpu bs gur cuenfrf: jnaQN IVFvba, iynqvzVE IVARx, naq pbzZREPR Qrcnegzrag.
Congrats to everyone who submitted a correct answer: Dan Katz, Scott Weiss, Yossi Fendel, Jennifer Love, Wassamatta_U, Sean McBride, Dawn Massie, Andrew Reynolds, Richard Burns, Room Escape Artist, Summer H, Merrilee W, Kevin S, and Melinda.
Cryptically yours,
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